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A warm bowl of Rajma Chawal to lift your mood instead of your blood sugar

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Rajma Chawal (rice served with kidney beans) is one of the most famous and delicious north Indian dishes. It is considered to be a comfort food. The beans used for making rajma have a higher proportion of carbohydrates than proteins and are also rich in fibre. Studies have shown that rajma, due to its fibre content, has a low glycemic index and doesn’t spike blood sugar levels. But cooking them and having them with rice overpowers the benefits of rajma due to an increase in carbohydrate intake, leading to glucose spikes.

Enjoy Rajma Chawal keeping blood glucose in check
• Consider pairing rajma chawal with fibre-rich vegetarian items like beans. Fibre helps balance the GI of the meal.
• Try adding different protein sources like yoghurt, pulses, tofu etc to fulfil your protein requirement. Rajma, although rich in proteins, is devoid of certain essential amino acids.
• Avoid pairing rajma with white rice as it contains simple carbs that cause blood glucose spikes. Try having rajma with complex-carb-rich rice like brown rice.
• Try reducing the portion of rice to help manage blood glucose levels.
• Consider having fibre as the largest portion of your meal, followed by protein and then complex carbs for proper glucose metabolism.

A bowl of rajma chawal can be a wholesome choice for lunch and dinner. Pairing rajma with multiple protein sources, not only compensates for missing amino acids but also maintains the dietary fibre in the meal. This combined with a reduced portion of rice reduces blood glucose variability.

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