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Add Some Greens to Your Day!

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Whipping a glass of fresh green smoothie is the best alternative to having a sugary breakfast. You must be wondering what goes into a green smoothie. Well, it is nothing but fresh and healthy green vegetables such as avocado, spinach or celery. Make some more healthy swaps for a more nutritious meal.

How to Improve your Green Smoothie
• The next time you make a green smoothie, why not add complex carbs like oats? This will increase the fibre content and lower the glucose load of the meal.
• Make a thicker green smoothie by adding frozen bananas. This will increase the potassium content of the smoothie.
• Add grapefruit and pineapple to the green smoothie mix to increase the mineral and vitamin content.

It is seen that green leafy vegetables are a rich source of fibre and are comparatively lower in glycemic index. This means that after consuming it, the blood sugar won’t be too high immediately. Smoothies can also deliver the maximum nutrients to the body quickly and efficiently. Thus, people with diabetes are recommended to consume green smoothies regularly to keep their blood sugar in check.

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