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Chicken gyro sandwich: A overload of carbohydrates

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Chicken gyro sandwich is a high-calorie, high-carb meal that can lead to hyperglycaemia. The bread used to make the sandwich is usually loaded with simple carbohydrates that can trigger such a reaction. But some modifications will allow you to enjoy the goodness of chicken along with the veggies and herbs in the meal.

Glucose optimisation is possible even with a chicken gyro sandwich
• Try to use almond flour or multigrain bread as it is low in carb content.
• A breadless chicken gyro sandwich is a healthier alternative that will allow you to enjoy the goodness of fibre and protein.

Chicken gyro sandwich is a healthy quick-fix meal that’s high in protein, fibre, vitamins A & B, iron and calcium. Nevertheless, the simple carbs in pita bread are not favourable for glucose metabolism. So, instead, enjoy the nutrients in the veggies, protein (chicken) and herbs in a breadless sandwich. Manage your health well with a balanced intake and regular exercise.

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