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Chicken Tikka: A Protein-Packed Flavourhouse

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Chicken Tikka is a flavourful Indian dish. It consists of small pieces of grilled or baked chicken marinated with a blend of yoghurt and spices. Chicken tikka is a popular appetiser or main course. It is a high-protein and low-carb food; hence it does not increase blood sugar levels. This dish can be paired with other healthy foods, offering complete nutrition and fantastic taste.

Making Chicken Tikka Healthier yet Flavourful
• Using lean meat can help in lowering the fat content of Chicken Tikka. This helps with better blood glucose levels.
• Pairing it with complex carbohydrates like wheat tortillas, roti etc., can add fibre and help with better digestion.
• When cooking, coat the chicken with white butter instead of regular butter.
• Try Greek yoghurt with other spices to marinate the chicken. Greek yoghurt is a good source of protein and vitamins with minimal sugar.

Chicken tikka is a healthy option for a snack or main course. The high protein content helps with better muscle and bone health. The presence of amino acids in the dish improves mood. The low carbohydrate content does not increase blood sugar levels. Spices like turmeric, cumin and coriander add therapeutic value, aroma and great taste to the dish.

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