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Chocolate biscuits with cream filling: a sugar-loaded delightful treat

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Like most mouthwatering sweet treats, a chocolate biscuit with cream filling is sure to give you an instant sugar spike. The simple carbs in wheat flour and chocolate with a high GI score contribute to faster absorption of sugar, resulting in a sugar spike. You may pair your chocolate biscuits with other items to balance this sugar spike.

Optimising your cream-filled choco biscuits intake
• Pairing it with a high-protein complimentary item like a whey protein smoothie.
• Limit the portion to 1 choco biscuit.
• Increase its intake appropriately in case of a sudden fall in sugar levels.
• Going for a walk 20 mins post consumption of chocolate biscuits.

Several medical journals have highlighted the health benefits of chocolates. However, when served as a biscuit, it causes your sugar levels to skyrocket. Sugar and carbohydrate intake need careful monitoring for maintaining optimum sugar levels, hence, it is best to limit the intake of cream-filled chocolate biscuits.

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