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Cocktail Hour without the Consequences: Enjoying a Negroni Safely

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Negroni is a gin cocktail. Gin has no carbohydrates, and that can result in hypoglycemia. However, like other alcoholic cocktail mixes, it also contains simple sugars from sweet vermouth and Campari, which can increase glucose release from the liver. In return, it can cause a temporary but considerable spike in blood sugar levels, hence hyperglycemia. However, the impact can vary based on the amount consumed and health status. Excessive alcohol consumption, including Negroni, can have negative effects on glucose metabolism and health.

Stabilization of Blood Glucose Levels while having Negroni
• You can eat a protein and fibre-rich meal before you drink Negroni.
• Try consuming some healthy fats like olives and cheese to control the spike in blood sugar levels.

Negroni has high sugar content and affects the liver’s glucose release, leading to hyperglycemia. However, alcohol and no-carb gin can cause glucose levels to drop and result in hypoglycemia. Consuming fat, protein, and fibre-rich meal before or along with the drink can stabilise your blood sugar. So, eat well before you drink.

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