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Dabeli delight or metabolic menace? Investigating dabeli’s impact on glucose metabolism

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Dabeli is a combination of pav (made with refined white flour) and a variety of chutneys, which contain a lot of table sugars. The pav is loaded with fried carbohydrates, which leads to a spike in glucose levels. Since dabeli is stuffed with potatoes rich in starch, it increases this sugar spike even further. Dabeli is a tasty treat, but it is essential to watch out for the high levels of carbohydrates and sugars present in this snack.

Optimising dabeli intake
• You may avoid consuming high-carb snacks like dabeli on an empty stomach to ensure portion control.
• Opt for a protein or vegetable filling.
• Consider a quick 15-minute walk after eating a dabeli.
• Try replacing ordinary pavs with almond flour or lupin four pavs.
• Prepare sugar-free chutneys.

Dabeli is made with a bun filled with spiced potatoes, chutneys, and peanuts. Studies have shown that consuming high amounts of carbohydrates, like those found in the bread roll and chutney, can lead to spikes in blood sugar levels, which may negatively affect glucose metabolism and increase the risk of developing diabetes.

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