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Granola bars: The Not-So-Sweet Snack For Glucose Spikes!

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Who does not crave snacks all the time? You can not always have a fully planned meal, but munching might not be very healthy if you wish to lose weight or control your blood sugar. So what to do? Granola bars are full of all the right kinds of ingredients and nutrition.

Making granola bars a regular snack in the healthy diet
• Try using a granola bar binder with a low glycaemic index like honey, coconut sugar and date paste. It creates different flavours and health benefits for the snack.
• Adding nuts like almonds, walnuts and oats to the granola bars increases the fibre content of the snack. High dietary fibre prevents many diet-related diseases and syndromes.
• These bars can provide instant energy to athletes and sportsmen in the healthiest manner.
• You can also try adding flax seeds, sunflower seeds, brown rice, and whole-wheat flour.
• Try to control the portion and amount you consume. Consider having one bar a day and not after a full-course meal.

Home-made granola bars provide an upper hand to the recipe, including all kinds of health benefits to the snack. You can add as much protein with good fat and fibre content by choosing the correct ingredient. The granola bar with a binder comprising 15.2% honey, 4.7% date paste and 16.3% coconut sugar received the best acceptable sensory mean score in the sensory examination.

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