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Lemon Water: The Refreshment You and Your Blood Sugar Need

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Despite a wide variety of beverages, traditional lemon water will always remain the most popular. A few drops of lemon juice in your water will give you a refreshing, low-calorie beverage. Lemon water, by itself, lacks the energy (glucose properties) to cause spikes. But the added sugar makes all the difference and leads to a poor glycemic score. Additionally, it helps reduce gastric emptying time and manages glucose levels.

Effective ways to Consume Lemon Water to Maintain Blood Sugar Levels
• Try consuming lemon water before meals. As a result, it helps to regulate blood sugar levels and avoid sudden spikes in blood sugar levels after eating.
• You may consume lemon water on an empty stomach. Use lukewarm or normal water to prepare it. Make sure not to add lemon juice to hot water.
• Maintain your glucose levels by avoiding sugar or other sweeteners.

A glass of lemon water can be medicinal if taken correctly. It helps regulate blood sugar levels, lower insulin resistance, and improve glucose metabolism. In any case, keep in mind that lemons also contain natural sugars, so intake should be monitored.

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