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Make Your Bhelpuri Satisfyingly Delicious and Blood Glucose Friendly

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Bhelpuri is one of the most loved Indian snacks. However, bhelpuri is not the perfect snack for all. The main ingredient of bhelpuri is puffed rice, a rich carbohydrate source. Bhelpuri also contains sweet chutney, which may have table sugar and might cause sugar spikes. As a result, bhelpuri is not an ideal snack if you are watching your blood glucose levels, but here’s how to optimise it.

Tips to make bhelpuri healthy
• Sweet chutney has a high glycemic index and increases blood sugar levels. Try to reduce the sweet date chutney intake in your bhelpuri. Add lemon juice instead to add a tangy twist.
• Consider adding fibre and protein-rich foods like sprouts, cucumber, tomatoes, peanuts, roasted chickpeas, peas, etc. It will improve the nutritional value and reduce the sugar load.
• Consume a small quantity of apple cider vinegar before eating bhelpuri.
• Exercise portion control and avoid eating bhelpuri on an empty stomach. It will even out the blood glucose curve.

Bhelpuri contains various ingredients, such as puffed rice, papdi, nylon sev, sweet chutney, potatoes, and onions. Some of these have a high carb content. As a result, they may cause a sudden rise in blood glucose levels. To make your bhelpuri healthier, make some changes in the snack and enjoy it.

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