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Managing Blood Glucose: The Safe and Sweet Duo of Chai and Poha!

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

A cup of hot tea and refreshing poha — that’s the stuff breakfast dreams are made of. Unfortunately, the entire meal is carbohydrate-based, and adding milk and sugar does not help your case, as it brings in an extra dose of calories, leading to a spike.
As your blood sugar levels rise, your pancreas may release more insulin, prompting cells to absorb the excess sugar to bring the levels back in range.

Your Guide to Guilt-Free Snacking
• Portion control is important. Consider limiting your poha intake to 30-50 grams and keep a gap of 2 hours between poha and tea consumption. If that’s not possible, skipping sugar in your tea will do the trick.
• Consider pairing poha with fibre-rich veggies along with a protein source like boiled eggs; they’ll help slow down the release of glucose in the bloodstream.
• Try to follow the food flow — fibre > protein > complex carbs as much as possible.

Poha is mainly carbohydrates but is also fibre-rich, so eating in moderation could help manage blood sugar levels. However, when you pair it with milk-and-sugar tea, it could cause fluctuations in your glucose levels. Hence, we advise that you err on the side of caution and follow the optimisation suggested.

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