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Optimize Your Plate of Curd Rice For Better Blood Glucose Level

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Curd rice is a staple food for many and is easy to prepare. Probiotics and fibre-rich curd have health benefits. However, white rice constitutes simple carbs which results in an instant blood glucose spike. With an approximate GI of 82, white rice can cause hyperglycemia. Consuming a larger portion of curd rice will instantly result in high blood sugar levels but here’s how you can manage your staple meal.

Stabilising Your Blood Sugar Level With Curd Rice
• Try replacing your white rice with comparatively lesser GI options like black rice or cauliflower rice, which is also gluten-free.
• Add veggies to your rice to ensure portion control and nutritional value.
• You will benefit if you choose an alternate carb source which is rich in fibre like a salad to satiate your hunger instead of only white rice which contains a considerable amount of starch.

White rice alternatives with low-fat curd can be used to cut down the extra calories and increase glucose metabolism. Black rice has shown significant health benefits when consumed regularly in place of white rice. Thus, optimising your plate of curd rice can help improve your blood sugar regulation and overall health.

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