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Rolling in the Dough: Veg Momos and Blood Glucose Spikes

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Veg momos are a popular street food in India. However, their traditional recipe involves white flour and water dough. Boiled vegetables will lose their fibre property, causing a blood glucose elevation. But you can follow a few simple steps to minimise the spikes with just a few optimisations; you get a smart and flavorful alternative that supports a healthy lifestyle.

How to Optimise Your Veg Momo Consumption
• Try using almond or lupin flour instead of white flour for the dough.
• Consider adding protein fillings like cottage cheese or soya kheema to your momos.
• Consider optimising the portion size to approximately three pieces.
• To regulate blood glucose levels, try consuming momos with a cooked protein source like chicken and fish.

This healthier version of momos is an excellent option for people who are health-conscious, trying to manage their weight or have prediabetes or diabetes. By choosing this optimised recipe, one can still enjoy the delicious taste of momos while also keeping a closer eye on their glucose levels.

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