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Say cheese because your cheeseburger is healthier now

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

A cheeseburger is a favorite quick lunch or a casual meal option. It is widely available everywhere. Despite its deliciousness, a cheeseburger is not an ideal meal for you. It is made of maida, which contains white carbohydrates. These carbs shoot up the blood sugar level.

However, with minor changes, you can make your cheeseburger healthier.

Tips to make your cheeseburgers glucose efficient
• Consider eating a bunless burger with lettuce wraps. The glycemic index of lettuce is 15. Thus, it does not cause blood sugar spikes.
• Protein controls the release of glucose in the blood. So, pair your cheeseburger with a protein-rich element such as a chicken patty or a paneer patty.
• Instead of maida, you can consider using a different low-carb flour such as almond flour. The low carb value will limit the blood sugar from shooting up.
• Cheese, like other dairy products, has fat that controls carbs’ release. So, adding cheese to your burger is a good idea.

Refined flour (maida) is the chief ingredient in a cheeseburger. The high GI of maida (71) increases blood glucose levels. To make your cheeseburger healthier, you can make specific changes in your meal. Following the tips mentioned above will make a difference!

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