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Short-grain rice can make your blood sugar spike high

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

White rice is a popular staple food, but it has a high glycemic index, which can cause a spike in blood glucose levels. To avoid this, opt for long-grain white rice such as basmati, brown or red rice and pair it with a source of protein, fibre, and fat to slow down the release of glucose and improve satiety.

Optimize your small-grain rice meal for better sugar control
• Opt for long-grain white rice such as basmati, brown or red rice instead of short-grain rice.
• Avoid pressure cooking it. Throw away the starchy water after boiling the rice.
• You can pair the rice with a source of protein such as egg curry, paneer masala or dal to complete the amino acid profile.

Carbohydrates are converted to glucose quickly, so it is important to pair them with fibre, protein, complex carbs, and fat to slow the release of glucose and improve the response. This is especially important for fitness enthusiasts, prediabetics/diabetics, and biohackers/athletes who are looking to optimize their health and performance.

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