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Tea tales and hyperglycemia

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Tea is a favourite beverage all over the world and helps to enhance mood and relieve stress. The sugar and milk in a cup of tea are rich in sucrose and lactose. These simple carbohydrates can cause spikes in glucose levels in your bloodstream.

Maximise the benefits of tea
• You could avoid adding sugar to your cup of tea. This will minimise any glucose spike.
• You could also enjoy your tea by reducing the quantity of milk in it and keeping lactose from spiking your blood glucose levels.
• You could also avoid pairing tea with confectionaries like cookies or pastries containing added sugar.
• You could pair your tea with mixed nuts and seeds, beans, sprouts, or even hummus.

You can enjoy your cup of tea and enhance your mood with this universally loved beverage. But follow these suggestions and tweak your tea to keep your blood sugar levels in check and enjoy its benefits fully.

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