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The Glycemic Load of Rusks and Flat Whites: What You Need to Know

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

A quick fix for hunger, flat whites and rusks are gaining popularity. A flat white is a concentrated coffee made with espresso and steamed milk. Rusk is a twice-baked biscuit made with flour, eggs, flavours etc. The carb content varies in rusks, but it is generally in the range of 78%. Although a tasty and convenient snack option, it can cause hyperglycemia.

Satiate your palate with minimum spikes
• Consider low-GI options like almond flour to make rusks at home. This will slower glucose absorbtion from the meal.
• Try having your flat white unsweetened or with low sugar. Natural zero-calorie sweeteners like stevia can be used as an alternative.
• Consider a nut milk latte as an alternative to your flat white.

The commonly available rusk is prepared with refined flour and sugar, which gives it a higher glycemic index score. Additionally, a flat white contains milk. Lactose, the milk sugar, increases the blood sugar level. Optimising this meal can prevent potent spikes in blood sugar levels.

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