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The Khakhra With Tea Conundrum: Enjoying It Without The Sugar Spikes

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

A carb-based meal paired with tea causes a glucose spike followed by a drop in insulin levels. Sugars in milk can further increase blood sugar levels. The result is a sudden drop in insulin levels followed by an excessive surge to restore balance. The goodness of khakhra can be enjoyed as part of a wholesome meal rather than a snack with milk tea.

Stabilise your glucose levels by judiciously pairing your khakhra
• Having cottage cheese or vegetables with high-carb khakhra can be a good combination for glucose optimization.
• Alternatively, try having it on the side as a source of fibre that can slow down the rate of glucose release in the blood, preventing hyperglycemia.
• Try to avoid milk tea with khakhra as animal milk used in tea has IGF molecules that increase the sugar content. Consider having black tea or green tea instead.

Khakhra and milk tea are not a great combination because of their hyperglycemic tendencies. Milk contains natural sugar. Additionally, milk tea often contains added sugar, thus the glucose spike is inevitable. Whole wheat khakhra is high in carbs, hence the combination leads to a sudden spike in sugar levels.

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