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The Surprising downside of Brown Rice and Sambar on Glucose Levels

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

The effect of sambar and brown rice on glucose levels depends on several factors. Sambar is a lentil soup containing vegetables, and lentils are known for being a good source of carbs. Brown rice also contains fibre, nutrients, minerals and vitamins that support glucose metabolism. However, it may surprise you that brown rice is not as healthy as you believed. Simple carbs in brown rice can still cause a spike in glucose levels.

Keeping your glucose levels stable while enjoying brown rice and sambar
• Changing brown rice in your meal of sambar and brown rice with alternatives like cauliflower or black rice may do the trick.
• Consider portion control for the rice and avoid eating more than you need. This can help maintain your glucose levels.
• Consider adding an alternate source of carbs, such as salad, which is fibre rich, instead of brown rice. This will help satiate you better in absence of brown rice.

Lentils consumption is known for lowering insulin response, making sambar a good source of carbohydrates. However, the meal can increase your glucose levels paired with brown rice. Eating brown rice in moderation can be beneficial as the body digests them slowly. But large amounts of consumption can spike blood glucose levels. Therefore, practising portion control while eating sambar brown rice is crucial.

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