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The Sweet Side of Gujiya

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

In India, Holi is incomplete without indulging in Gujiyas. However, it is not considered the healthiest food because it is high in simple carbohydrates, which usually will lead to a low food score. The carbohydrates in the maida coating, the sugar in the stuffing, and the saturated fat used for frying can cause a rise in blood sugars. But with a few simple changes, you can enjoy a Gujiya that’s relatively healthier.

Making a Healthier Version of Gujiya
• Instead of refined flour (maida), try using low-carbohydrate flour like almond or coconut flour.
• Try replacing white sugar with stevia or other safe sweeteners with lower carbohydrate values.
• The traditional way of deep-frying Gujiyas can be easily replaced by baking them without compromising the taste.
• Try making a savoury Gujiya by using oats as a filling.

Maida and suji have simple carbs that increase the glucose level in the blood. Thus, it is better to choose a healthier Gujiya that won’t affect your blood sugar levels while still enjoying the festive treats.

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