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Wheat Chapati: The Slow and Steady Carb for Stable Blood Sugar!

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Wheat chapati is a complex carbohydrate that is digested slowly. It leads to a slower and steady release of glucose into the bloodstream. But eating it without pairing it with other macronutrients can rapidly increase blood glucose. This can help regulate blood sugar levels and improve glucose metabolism. However, portion size and overall diet quality should also be considered when making food choices for glucose metabolism.

Stabilising your blood glucose level while eating wheat chapati
• Consider pairing wheat chapati with protein-rich foods to slow digestion and release glucose.
• Try adding non-starchy vegetables to add fibre and slow down the digestion of carbohydrates.
• Choose whole wheat chapati with more complex carbs for better blood sugar regulation.
• Try to add a source of healthy fats that can help regulate blood sugar levels and reduce portions of carbohydrates.

By following the food flow of fibre > protein > carbs, you can create balanced, nutrient-dense meals. It supports stable blood sugar levels and promotes overall health. Additionally, pairing wheat chapati with protein and fibre-rich foods can further improve its impact on blood sugar control.

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