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A Crumbly Conundrum: The Connection Between Biscuits and Blood Sugar

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Biscuits are the go-to snack when we feel a bit hungry or when we want to satiate our taste buds with something sweet. Most companies that manufacture biscuits use refined wheat flour blended with sugar and flavouring agents as staple ingredients to make different types of biscuits. Consuming them causes a sudden spike in glucose levels due to the high glycemic index.

Biscuits to keep blood glucose levels in check
• Commercially available biscuits are mostly made with refined flour and sugar which increase blood sugar levels. Try replacing biscuits with whole-wheat toasts or sugar-free, multi-grain biscuits.
• Consider having green tea with biscuits. Green tea balances blood glucose variability caused by biscuits.
• If possible, try avoiding biscuits altogether and switch to protein-based healthy options like mixed nuts, sprouts, peanut butter etc.

Studies have shown that regular consumption of biscuits reduces glycemic control and increases the risk of blood sugar spikes. Biscuits made with refined wheat flour and sugar negatively impact glucose metabolism. Thus, it is important to limit the consumption of biscuits or switch to sugar-free and protein-based alternatives for snacking.

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