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A Healthy Spin to Your Mini Samosa for Blood Sugar Control

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

It might be a delight to see your favourite evening snack, samosas. Unfortunately, they are unhealthy, especially if you’re trying to lower your glucose levels. Samosa is a refined and fried form of carbohydrates, which causes a spike in glucose levels. Additionally, they are mostly stuffed with potatoes that are rich in starch which contributes to the spike making it worse. If you still want to enjoy the snack occasionally, you’ll need to modify it.

Making changes to your mini samosas so they don’t disturb your blood sugar
• Try to avoid consuming oily and fried snacks like samosas on an empty stomach. This will help you manage portions as well by not letting you overeat.
• Consider replacing the traditional potato stuffing with protein or other vegetable fillings to improve its nutritional value.
• You may walk for 10 minutes after consuming it for quick and better digestion.

Maintaining your blood sugar does not mean sacrificing your samosa cravings. You may shift your focus from eliminating it to making it better for consumption. You can prevent sudden spikes by adding fibre to your samosas. It is also wise to use ragi in your samosas for this purpose.

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