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A Pani Puri Lovers’ Guide to Glucose Regulation

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

There’s nothing a good plate of Pani-Puri can’t solve. Or so they say. Everyone enjoys Pani Puri regardless of age, class and gender, but it might not be the best snack for health-conscious people. Pani Puri is mainly made of wheat, a refined carbohydrate form. It is known to spike blood glucose levels; the more you eat, the more carbohydrates you consume.

Tips for Eating Pani Puri Without Elevating Blood Glucose Levels
• Try and control the amount of Pani Puri intake.
• Consider healthier stuffings like Peas, Mung dal or Black Gram in your Pani Puri instead of potatoes.
• Avoid sweet chutney as much as possible.
• Try not to eat Pani Puri near your exercise or working hours.
• Eating baked puris instead of fried ones is a healthier option.

Pani Puri and its usual stuffing made up of potatoes are rich in simple carbohydrates. It means it causes instant glucose spikes. A follow-up light meal with fruits like apple or papaya with skimmed milk is advised. It helps in preventing water retention. Baked Puri contains little or no oil, which reduces the risk of diabetic glucose control. By making some simple tweaks, you can enjoy your Pani-Puri and manage your glucose.

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