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A Sweet Solution: How To Enjoy No Sugar-Added & Fat-Free Chocolate Ice Cream

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Ice cream is a favourite sweet treat for people of all ages. And if it’s a chocolate ice cream? It’s difficult to say no. Options like no-sugar and fat-free ice creams can be a go-to choice when you’re keeping your glucose levels in check. But if your glucose is trending low, it may further lead to a drop since there are no glucose properties. Here’s how you can optimise it.

Optimising No Added Sugar Fat-Free Chocolate Ice Cream
• Try adding one-fourth of a banana or any other simple carbohydrate to the ice cream. This will help in maintaining your blood glucose levels.
• Adding some complex carbs will also aid in increasing glucose levels back to the range of 70-110 mg/dl if your glucose is trending low.

The no added sugar, fat-free chocolate ice cream contains fewer carbs than typical ice cream. Additionally, having too much dairy have a negative impact on your overall health. No added sugar, fat-free chocolate ice cream could benefit your health as long as it is consumed in moderation and you keep your glucose levels in check.

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