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A Sweet Spike in Blood Sugar- Kalakand

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Kalakand is a dairy-based sweet. It is made from milk or the grainy variety of ‘khoa’. High-fat milk is simmered and continuously stirred. From 1kg milk, only 275 g Kalakand is extracted. Sugar is added in sufficient quantity to sweeten it. The final product is rich in glucose and sucrose (pure sugars). Due to this, Kalakand increases the sugar levels in the blood. It often becomes a reason for hyperglycemia.

Less sweet Kalakand for a healthy you
• Try opting for homemade kalakand. You may use no sugar or stevia as a sugar substitute.
• Try alternative flours for kalakand. Lupin flour or low-carb keto flours are good options.
• Consider having other delicious and healthy homemade desserts in moderate quantities.

Kalakand is a sweet dish readily consumed on all festive occasions. It is a carb-rich dessert. One quick piece of Kalakand gives you double the calories in burfi, nearly 130 cal. Most of it is carbs and fat. It increases blood sugar levels, and insulin release shoots up. Such an alteration in glucose metabolism is not desirable.

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