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Ajwa Dates: The ‘Perfect Date’ For You?

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

With a rich fibre content, dates offer a host of vitamins and minerals that may provide several health benefits. Dates are also a  good source of carbohydrates and antioxidants. Despite having a low GI, the natural sugars in it can cause a spike in blood glucose levels if consumed in large amounts. Having only dates can therefore be lesser beneficial and more of a concern.

Consume dates in an optimised way.
• Prepare date laddus with mixed nuts – almonds/walnuts, and seeds as a popular low-sugar dessert.
• Peanut and almond butter can be paired with dates as a source of protein. Avoid having fruits with dates to reduce the sugar load.
• Eating dates immediately after meals may cause a spike too. Hence it should be avoided. Ensure you control the portion keeping it to 2-3 dates at a time.

Dates are a good source of energy with valuable nutrients. It has a positive effect on glycaemia if consumed in moderation. Pairing it with certain foods can help you avoid hyperglycemia, keeping your blood glucose stable.

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