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Almond Milk: A Healthy Substitute for Dietary Milk

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Almond milk is a low-carb beverage that is an excellent option for individuals who follow a low-carb diet and need to monitor sugar levels in their blood. To make almond milk, mix almonds with water and then sift the liquid to get rid of the solids. This lactose-free drink is high in fat and protein compared to its carbohydrate content. Due to this, it doesn’t lead to an increase in glucose levels.

Here’s How Almond Milk Can Be a Part of Your Healthy Diet
• It is advised to consume almond milk that contains less than 2% carbs than cow milk which makes 3.43g of carbs per cup.
• Almond milk is a low-carb drink and hence can be safely consumed by those who do not wish to consume sugar and loads of glucose due to personal liking or medical issues.
• 90% of the oil in almond milk, which makes up 1% of its weight, is unsaturated.
• Try not to consume more than 100 ml of almond milk in one day.
• Opt for sugar-free versions of almond milk.

Natural sources of several vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E, may be found in almond milk. Just 39 calories, or half as many as in a cup of skim milk, are found in one cup of almond milk. Healthy fats are included in almond milk, with a high vitamin E content. Almond milk can also serve as a good source of vitamin D.

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