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Almonds: A Nutty Way To Manage your Sugar Levels

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Almonds are the most cherished of the nuts family. They are high in antioxidants like vitamin E, proteins and fibre. However, the skin of almonds contains anti-nutrients like tannins and phytic acid, which can make nutrient absorption difficult. Thus, it would be best if you eat soaked almonds. In addition, soaked almonds can effectively support weight loss by controlling blood glucose levels.

Get the Best out of Almonds
• Soak overnight and consume them after removing the skin. They are best eaten in the morning or as a mid-meal snack.
• Pair your almonds with other nuts like walnuts to get more nutrients.
• It would be best to avoid processed almonds with different flavours like salted, roasted or dried almonds. These usually have added salt and sugars that can increase blood sugar levels.
• You can also add soaked almonds to different types of desserts, salads and shakes.

Almonds have higher levels of nutrients like fibre, fat and protein. Fibre in almonds controls your blood sugar, as the body is slow to break it down and not causing a spike.

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