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An eggcellent breakfast? I dou(gh)bt it

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Bread served with an omelette is the most preferred breakfast across the world. Although healthy, bread and omelettes have the potential to raise blood glucose levels since white bread is made of refined wheat flour(maida) that contains simple carbs that are broken down into glucose during digestion. This glucose enters the bloodstream and raises blood sugar levels, sometimes causing hyperglycemia.

Having Bread And Omelette The Right Way
• Bread made with maida is made of simple carbs and raises blood glucose levels. Try having bread made of whole-grain flour or flour like coconut flour and almond flour with low carbs.
• Consider having more egg whites for additional protein and combining bread omelette with vegetables for a fibre and nutrient-rich meal that helps balance sugar spikes caused by bread.
• Do not use too much oil and butter, as it can affect glucose metabolism.

Bread omelette can be made healthier using whole grain bread instead of white bread, as whole grain bread has more fibre and nutrients that can help slow down glucose absorption into the bloodstream. Adding protein to the meal and using less oil and sugar for cooking also help to keep blood glucose levels in check.

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