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All you need to know about the ring sizing kit

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Jun 11, 2024
Sizing kit blog

Which finger should I wear the ring on?

☝🏽 We recommend either your index, middle, or ring finger for the Ultrahuman Ring.

How do I know if the ring fits properly?

🦾 The fit should be snug (not too tight or too loose). A few simple ways to assess this β€” If you rotate the ring on your finger, it should not rotate freely. To take the ring off, you must push the bottom of the ring from below and then slide it out. Pro tip: Wear the ring overnight to ensure you’re completely comfortable with it.

How do I submit my size on the app?

πŸ“² Simply scan the QR code on the ring sizing kit to submit your preference. You need to be logged in using the same email ID on the Ultrahuman App as your purchase email ID (as mentioned on your order confirmation email). You will find the option to submit your preferences under the ring tab. Be sure to be updated to our latest app version from the App/Play store!

Can I change my ring size once submitted on the app?

πŸ€– Yes! You can change your ring size by contacting our support team within three days of submitting the size on the app. The Ultrahuman Ring is specially forged for you, we will not be able to change your ring size after three days of your size submission.

What is the correct method to try the sizing kit rings?

πŸ’ All sizing kit rings come with their size mentioned on their surface. You should wear the rings such that the engraved size number is toward the palm of your hand.

image 9

How do I select the colour?

🀳🏽 Once you scan the QR code, you will find an option to submit your preferences under the ring tab on the Ultrahuman App, where you will find multiple pictures of each colour.

❗ PS: Your sizing kit comes with an easter egg! The kit serves as a physical referral coupon you can share with four folks. They can redeem an exclusive 10% discount at checkout and we will not be shipping the sizing kit to them. Thank you for doing your part to help us consume carbon resources consciously πŸ₯³

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