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Avoiding Injuries with home workouts

Has the pandemic left you stranded with even fewer options? Is your gym still closed too? It’s happening the world over, so not to worry! In the past few months too, you’ve probably spent a lot of time working from home,

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Jan 06, 2021
Avoiding Injuries HomeWorkouts
Avoiding Injuries Workouts

Has the pandemic left you stranded with even fewer options? Is your gym still closed too? It’s happening the world over, so not to worry! In the past few months too, you’ve probably spent a lot of time working from home, and working out at home too. But we’re quite used to having someone look over us and guide us in the right direction when we’re working out. This also leaves some room for error when we’re attempting an exercise, and don’t know if what we’re doing is right or wrong.

There are a few things we can attempt to keep in mind while working out at home, and simultaneously work towards staying fit, avoiding the chance of injuries. Let’s dive into a few tips that may help avoid injuries caused by various reasons – including improper form or posture, neglecting old injuries, and more.

Make some space

Rule number 1 of a home workout, CLEAR THE AREA! For very obvious reasons, push away any furniture you might bump into when doing exercises. Keep enough space around you, a little more than an arm’s length, so you can move around freely. You might also want to stay away from sharp edges, or take safety measures to pad pointy table corners or chair handles that may hurt you. In some cases, you can even use a carpet if the floor is too uneven, so you get the stability you need from the floor. Make sure there’s enough height between you and the fan or any ceiling decor that could be in potential danger because of your determination!

Watch tutorials till you get it right!

Many a time, we tend to follow routines based on our muscle memory, or a certain way we can imagine our body doing an exercise. When we’re unable to see this from a third person’s point of view, we get carried away or lost in what we’re doing. The internet has made it easy for us to just go online, find an apt video for what we’re trying to do, and follow a routine recommended best for our body type, or any weight loss we’re trying for. Watch these instructional videos as carefully as possible, so the effect of the exercise is seen as expected, and you get the desired results. Pay full attention to any tips the instructor or teacher may have. This helps reduce the risk of injury when attempting home workouts.

Ask for help when you need to 

There’s no harm in reaching out to someone who also exercises or has knowledge in this field – this could be a gym trainer, a friend who works out, or even online coaches. There’s no need to hesitate when you can understand and apply the right methods. There are also professionals like exercise physiologists who can help guide you on what best workout would suit you based on several parameters including the limitations of your body, or any healthcare concerns and exercises related to them. It’s better to take the right advice than slip over the wrong sock! 

Exercise in front of a mirror

It’s definitely one of the best ways to monitor yourself without any extra guidance. When following exercises, you can look into the mirror and practice your form, ensuring you perfect the posture. This keeps you on track and reaps the most out of the routine. Mirrors during fitness also act as a motivator, and you often make a mental note of what you look like, striving to meet a desired outcome. Working out in front of the mirror narrows your chances of any injuries that could be caused by poor or incorrect form or posture.

Avoid working out injured or discomforted areas even more

Your muscles and tissues are in repair, and the last thing you want to do is instigate them further. It’s always safer to steer clear of any risks that may be involved with older injuries or discomfort from previous exercise routines. Pay attention to pain as much as possible. It’s beneficial to keep away from stressing parts of your body that require rest, as your muscles and tissues are in their repair phase. We want to refrain from any unnecessary complications. It’s okay to back up for a few days and take rest, and get back to your routine when you are fully fit, because your body will feel the effect of the exercises more!

Eat. Hydrate. Sleep Well. Repeat!

Food and water are as crucial for the effectiveness of your exercise as the exercise itself! Your body demands a certain amount of nutrients from a balanced diet, as well as liquid hydration from water to function at full capacity. Food rich in protein, carbohydrates and even fats in wholesome meals spread across the day are essential for your well-being and the results you look forward to after a workout. When we sweat, we tend to lose out on some water content through perspiration. Drinking water frequently helps hydrate the body, and often clears out unnecessary toxins even in our blood. Sleep is fundamental to the cycle of recovery, and feeling rejuvenated to work out the next day! A good 8 hour sleep can be a muscle relaxer and help you wake up fresh to face a new day of workouts.

Ensure you have the right gear

There are certain supporting elements to make your workout most effective, and make sure you have the appropriate gear for your workout routine. A pair of comfortable clothes to move around in could be useful. Your shoes are the most important as they help you maintain stability during workouts.

Your Workout is your own! Own it.

Be confident and do it! We’re often worried about injuring ourselves when we try to work out on our own. The courage to follow what we’ve learned or look forward to learning, should only make us strive to exercise effectively, and avoid mishaps that could lead to injuries or discomfort. Most importantly, have fun with it. Enjoy what you’re doing. It makes everything all the more exciting!

Make variations in exercises if you need them to suit your body or needs better, talk to experts and seek valid advice, and let nothing stop the transformation you’re headed for, mind and body.

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