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Balancing Blood Sugar: Pairing Rice Idli and Coconut Chutney with Coffee with Milk

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Coconut chutney, coffee with milk, and rice idli are popular and potentially healthy South Indian foods that affect glucose metabolism differently. The fibre in coconut chutney and rice idli causes a slower glucose response, while the lactose in coffee with milk causes a quicker glucose response. However, the overall effect on glucose metabolism depends on factors like quantity, individual differences, and other meal components. Let’s explore how these foods can help support healthy glucose metabolism.

Balancing Blood Sugar with Delicious South Indian Foods
• Consider managing glycemic load with portion control: try mini idlis (20-30 grams) instead of full-sized ones.
• Try low-carb idli options like those made from dal or black rice to check glucose response.
• Consider swapping out idlis for complex carbohydrates, like non-starchy vegetable salads and cooked proteins (paneer or chicken)
• Try opting for sugar-free options instead of sugary beverages.
• Try isolating coffee with milk and sugar and idli consumption, and wait at least 2 hours to determine what causes spikes in glucose levels.

Coconut chutney, coffee with milk, and rice idli are not just tasty but also rich in polyphenols and dietary fiber. Studies show that they help regulate glucose metabolism, slow carbohydrate digestion, and reduce sugar absorption. So, enjoy these South Indian foods guilt-free and reap their health benefits!

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