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Be smart while frying up vegetables

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Homemade dishes made with vegetables start to feel boring at some point. But frying them up gives them an entirely different taste. The boring vegetables suddenly become delicious. However, frying comes with its drawbacks. Fried foods are likely to contain trans fats since they are cooked in oil at extremely high temperatures. The flour used for coating the vegetables is made up of simple sugars and increases blood glucose levels. This causes an imbalance in glucose metabolism and overpowers the benefits of vegetables.

Frying vegetables the right way
• Ordinary oils used for deep frying contain trans fat. A diet high in trans fats increases ‘bad’ cholesterol in the body and raises the risk of heart disease. Consider using less oil or use natural oils like olive oil, avocado oil or mustard oil for frying.
• Refined flour used for coating is filled with simple sugars, which raises blood sugar levels. Try switching to flours with little- to no-carb options like coconut flour and almond flour for coating the vegetables.
• You may also consider air-frying vegetables for maximum benefits.

Deep-frying vegetables with refined flour and oil is great for satisfying your taste buds. However, it hampers glucose metabolism in your body and leads to fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Thus, it is important to fry vegetables consciously by using healthier alternatives.

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