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Beware of the Chicken and Rice Trap: Understanding Hyperglycemia

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Even foods that sound the healthiest can mess with your blood sugar level. Brown rice, often considered a healthy alternative to white rice, can still cause blood sugar spikes due to its high glycemic index. Brown rice with chicken gravy can be particularly problematic for those with diabetes or insulin resistance.

How to Make it Healthier?
• Switching to lower glycemic index options, like cauliflower or black rice, can help prevent blood sugar spikes.
• Consider including a minimum of 100 grams of cooked chicken in the meal.
• Try to replace rice with non-starchy vegetables like salads to get the necessary carbohydrates.
• You can opt for low-sugar or homemade gravy options to reduce the impact on blood sugar levels.
• Following the food flow of fibre, protein, fat, and complex carbs can also help maintain blood sugar levels. It’s advisable to refer to food strategy guides and recipes.

The presence of simple carbohydrates in brown rice can cause a rapid rise in blood glucose levels. The gravy in the chicken mixture may also contain added sugars or simple carbohydrates. This combination of simple carbohydrates can create a high glycemic load, leading to hyperglycemia. Hence, optimising this meal, as mentioned above, can make it healthier.

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