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Beyond the Bread: Upgrading Your Sandwich for Glucose Control

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Sandwiches are a quick and easy solution for when you’re feeling hungry. But they may not be that healthy for your glucose levels. White bread is a carbohydrate-rich food that contains simple or refined carbohydrates and little fibre. It has a high glycemic index and causes a rapid spike in blood sugar levels when consumed. This is because the simple carbohydrates present in it are easily and quickly broken down and raise blood glucose levels. The impact of sandwiches on blood sugar levels can also vary depending on their fillings.

How to Optimise Sandwiches to Maintain Blood Glucose Levels
• Try to replace white bread with different varieties of bread that may suit you like whole wheat, multigrain and sourdough.
• Consider adding some roasted or raw vegetables like spinach, bell peppers or tomatoes and a source of protein like tofu or beans to the sandwich.
• Avoid adding too many dressings, spreads or sauces as they may contain added sugar and trans fats.

To make white bread, it is processed which removes most of its fibre, vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, whole-grain bread is low in sugar and fat and has a more gradual effect on blood glucose levels. So, opting for healthier ingredients while making a sandwich can help you enjoy a good meal without affecting your blood glucose levels.

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