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Beyond the Label: How Brown Bread Can Impact Glucose Levels

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Most commercially produced bread, including brown bread, contain refined carbs and starches. These are quickly broken down and absorbed into the bloodstream, causing blood sugar spikes. Also, bread could have added sugars that further contribute to elevated glucose levels.

Say goodbye to spikes with brown bread
• Try choosing multigrain, grain-free, whole-wheat, sourdough bread, almond flour, or bread fortified with fibre. These are healthier alternatives, and the fibre content in these can help to prevent blood sugar spikes.
• Having some veggies along with brown bread can add fibre to your meal and stabilise blood glucose.

Typically, brown bread made from refined grains has a high glycemic index and harms your health. Although whole-grain bread is generally a healthier alternative, having bread made from other grain-free ingredients like flaxseed meal or almond flour is a good option. Grain-free bread is high in fibre and helps with a better glucose response.

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