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Biryani Bliss: Enjoying Chicken without the Blood Sugar Spike

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Biryani and kebab are popular Indian dishes that most people enjoy. However, it contains high fat and calories. Chicken biryani is healthy because it contains a variety of spices. But when it is made with white rice or too much oil, it is not the best option. Biryani rice or white rice has high GI which leads a sharp glucose spike.

Optimising Techniques to Control Blood Glucose Levels

• Consider changing the type of rice you are using to make chicken biryani. You can switch to Cauliflower rice or black rice that has low GI.
• Try keeping the portion of rice between 30-50 grams to reduce the effect. You can add a minimum of 100 grams of chicken tikka to improve the response.
• Consider adding non-starchy vegetables with olive oil, biryani and raita to introduce the apt fibre content to your meal.
• Try grilling the kebabs instead of deep frying them. The way of cooking also impacts blood glucose levels.
• The glycemic index of white rice is 96, and when it is cooked with chicken and vegetables, the GI score reduces. You may try optimising the cooking to keep it under control. The way of cooking meat also impacts the effect on the blood glucose level. Chicken cooked at high temperature contribute to hyperglycemia.

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