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Bittersweet Indulgence: Manage your Glucose while Enjoying Chocolates

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Chocolates can fill your heart with joy! But having one too many might be a little “too sweet” for your blood. Chocolates are rich in simple sugars and can increase blood glucose levels instantaneously, followed by subsequent crashes. Cocoa, the key ingredient in chocolates, can prevent excess glucose formation in the blood.

Chocolate to Keep Blood Glucose Levels in Check
• Avoid milk chocolates as they are filled with sugar and cause sudden spikes in sugar levels.
• Consider switching to cocoa-rich dark chocolates that positively regulate blood glucose levels compared to milk chocolates.
• A good choice can be chocolates sweetened with plant-based sugar substitutes like stevia to help balance fluctuating blood sugar levels.
• You can add nuts and seeds to chocolates to balance sugar spikes.
• Try reducing the chocolate intake to a small piece to satisfy your taste buds.

Cocoa present in chocolates improves glucose metabolism. Milk chocolates are devoid of cocoa and can increase sugar levels in the body. Dark chocolates with higher cocoa content (70-80%) and antioxidants reduce blood glucose variability. However, regularly consuming dark chocolates can cause sudden spikes in your blood glucose levels. So, choose your chocolate wisely and consume them in moderation for a good impact on health.

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