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Blood sugar worries: Don’t go bananas and bake a cake

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Mar 31, 2023
Banana Cake

All occasions call for cakes, one of the most popular desserts. There are several types of cakes available nowadays. The banana cake is one such variety loved by all ages. However, when it comes to maintaining blood sugar, this delicious dessert fails. Banana cake is made of wheat flour, sugar, and bananas (low to medium GI carb). This makes it high on the glycemic index; its intake can lead to a glycemic load and hyperglycemia, thus resulting in its poor score.

Best ways to make a banana cake that fits your blood sugar level

  • Try making the cake yourself using almond flour, lupin flour, and coconut flakes (flour types that are low in carbohydrates).
  • Adding nuts to the cake is a good way to add fats to it.
  • As an alternative to table sugar, you may use natural sweeteners, such as stevia for a better response to glucose.

If you want to add an extra flavour to your banana cake, you can include walnuts, pecans, or unsweetened chocolate chips. There is a considerable amount of potassium in banana cake, making it a healthy snack to eat. You may also use unripe bananas since they are low in sugar.

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