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Brew a Par-Tea While Controlling your Blood Sugar

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Did you know your cuppa tea gives you a host of health benefits? It is an excellent addition to a meal plan because unsweetened, brewed tea is a low-calorie drink that prevents dehydration, essential for blood sugar control.

Healthy Tea Brewing Suggestions
• Avoid adding white sugar/plant-based sugars like Stevia to the tea, which can cause blood sugar spikes.
• Reduce the quantity of milk or altogether avoid it as it increases the calorie count, and the natural sugar in milk can also result in blood sugar elevation.
• Avoid pairing it with foods or confectionaries with added sugars, as it will affect your blood sugars adversely.
• Enjoy your tea with foods like hummus, mixed nuts, beans or sprouts, or seeds to get some fibre and increase nutrition.

Tea, brewed with milk and sugar, can cause glucose spikes. It, however, does not mean that you should deprive yourself of all the benefits of tea if you have diabetes. A study establishes that brewed unsweetened tea has antidiabetic properties because of antioxidant polyphenols that reduce insulin resistance and aid in preventing diabetes complications such as neuropathy. You need to brew your tea correctly and choose the ingredients smartly.

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