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Brewing better health: the impact of green tea on sugar levels

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Green tea is a type of tea which is known worldwide for its health benefits. It is widely known for its antioxidant properties. Green tea has been linked to reducing the risk of chronic diseases. It is also known to reduce glucose levels. One can make the best out of this beverage by optimising its usage.

Making the best out of green tea
• Try to avoid having green tea on an empty stomach. This may result in increased acidity.
• Try pairing green tea with a snack like millet puffs, fruits, makhanas(puffed lotus seeds)
• Try consuming green tea with a low-carb meal. It may reduce blood sugar levels.
• Try not to mix milk with green tea.

Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants. Due to this green tea has a sensitising effect on the body. This causes blood glucose levels to drop a little. Green tea can be paired with snacks like millet puffs or fruits that have high fibre content and low glycemic index. This helps in reducing body glucose level spikes. It can also help people with healthy weight management. Green tea also has stimulating effects on the brain due to the presence of caffeine. This helps to improve brain function.

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