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Broccoli: The Superfood with a Blood Sugar Catch

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Broccoli is a popular vegetable. It is well known for its many health benefits. Since it is rich in fibre, it is good for bowel movements. A single serving can fulfil your daily vitamin C requirement. It also plays a useful role in maintaining liver health. But, broccoli has a low glycaemic index (GI) value. So, it can cause a rapid spike in blood sugar.

Avoiding blood sugar spikes while consuming broccoli
• Try to avoid dressings and any flour coatings. Flours usually have a high GI value.
• Consider air-frying broccoli to retain its fibre structure. This slows glucose absorption.
• Try to pair broccoli with solid proteins, healthy fats, or small portions of complex carbs. This can help stabilise blood sugar.
• Consider eating steamed broccoli. Raw broccoli contains antinutrients that are harmful to the body.

Broccoli in your diet can prevent many chronic diseases and cardiac ailments. But, it is made up of simple carbs. Simple carbohydrates are very easily absorbed into the body and can lead to a rapid increase of sugar in the blood. So, it’s good to limit your portions to avoid any glucose spikes.

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