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Buttermilk: Glucose-Friendly Healthy Hydration

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Buttermilk or Chaas is a refreshing drink made by diluting curd and adding water. It is a highly nutritious dairy product high in calcium, protein, and other essential nutrients, making it a healthy food item to include in any diet. The intake of buttermilk made of low-fat curd could help better glucose metabolism.

The Best Method to Consume Buttermilk
• Avoid drinking buttermilk after a meal.
• Consider having it alongside a mid-morning snack or at any time.
• The addition of flaxseeds to buttermilk can help control blood sugar levels and boost the sensitivity of insulin.
• You can use curd made out of full-fat milk for a healthy gut. Just make sure that you keep a tab on the calories.

Curd is a natural probiotic that is made by keeping milk in a warm area and allowing it to get fermented by bacteria, aiding digestion and helping in managing the glucose curve. This bacteria, which turns milk into curd, is very good for health and is a probiotic that helps boost your immune system. It is also a good calcium source which is good for your bones. The low Glycemic Index of buttermilk helps keep blood sugar levels in control.

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