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Buttery, flaky but spike-y

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Croissants are a type of pastry that leaves you craving for more. They have no nutritional value and cause sharp spikes in blood glucose levels. They have a high glycemic index due to the presence of maida. Though tasty, they contribute to weight gain and can spike your glucose levels. But here’s how how you can optimise your butter croissants.

Balancing blood glucose while enjoying butter croissants
• Substitute the flour with healthier options. Almond flour or coconut flour. This helps in controlling blood sugars.
• Try adding more eggs. This increases the protein, which changes the glycemic index of the food. Thus, it stabilizes blood glucose.
• Adding fresh cheese also changes the glycemic index. This provides significant control over glucose spikes.
• Controlling the portion size. If having one whole croissant leads to a hyperglycemic event, change it to half.

Croissants have a glycemic index of 70 and a glycemic load of 21.7. The butter in croissants increases the insulin response and affects blood glucose levels. Though they cannot be considered healthy, they can be added moderately to a healthy diet.

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