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Chicken Biryani & Blood Glucose: The Ultimate Balancing Act!

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Do you love indulging in a plate of aromatic biryani but worry about its impact on your glucose levels? We’ve got you covered! It’s no secret that carbohydrates can significantly affect your blood sugar levels. However, with some simple tweaks, you can enjoy chicken biryani as part of a healthy diet that supports glucose metabolism.

Tips to Optimise your Chicken Biryani
• You may increase the portion of lean chicken pieces in the biryani along with vegetables for fibre.
• Follow the food flow: fibre > protein > complex carbohydrates to ensure your body gets the correct nutrients, optimising digestion and metabolism.
• Try to have a bowl of vegetable salad (fibre) with olive oil (fats) before the chicken (protein) and then the rice meal (Carbs).
• Consider including raita as a side dish to add a cooling effect and balance the spices.

You can create a balanced meal that won’t spike your blood sugar levels by choosing the right ingredients and portion sizes. The chicken provides protein to slow down glucose absorption, while the vegetables and salad add fibre to slow the process further. This combination helps regulate blood sugar levels and prevent insulin spikes, making it an ideal choice.

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