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Chipocalypse: The Role of Potato Chips in Glucose Spikes

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Potato can cause a quick and significant increase in postprandial glucose concentration. The body needs more time to break down potatoes’ starch than simple carbohydrates. Overeating potato chips might cause issues with glucose metabolism and blood sugar regulation.

Picking out healthier chips options to optimise glucose
• You may have healthier snack alternatives – preferably banana chips or homebaked ones like vegetable chips, puffed millet, and roasted sprouts/beans.
• Consider having chips in the baked form to get rid of excess oil.
• Having potato chips on an empty stomach will lead to overconsumption. You can have it as a mid-meal snack to keep the serving size in check.
• Walk for at least 10 minutes after consuming potato chips or do some exercise to metabolise the sugar.

Potatoes are rich in starch, a carbohydrate that breaks down quickly in the body and raises blood sugar levels. Potato chips are a high-GI snack with a value of 70. Eating potato chips might spike up glucose levels in the body, which can be prevented by replacing your chips with a better veggie option.

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