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Dalia: The Low GI Superfood You Need for Better Glucose Control

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Dalia (broken wheat) has a low glycaemic index and is chock full of protein, fibre, and vitamins, making it picture-perfect for fitness enthusiasts. It contains a heady dose of complex carbohydrates, known for taking longer to digest. That said, Dalia can raise blood sugars quickly, leaving you with a hyperglycaemic response.

How to eat Dalia the right way
• Consider doing portion control. A serving of 30-50 grams of Dalia should be fine.
• Consider boosting the protein power of Dalia by pairing it with 100 grams of chicken or paneer; it will boost metabolism and increase satiety.
• Consider adding nutrient-rich veggies like carrots and capsicum to your Dalia. It will add fibre to the meal and raise blood sugar slowly.
• Consider adding a tablespoon of ghee to your Dalia to aid nutrient absorption.

Dalia has a high nutritional value and a low glycaemic index, making it the perfect go-to breakfast for just about anyone! The light, filling meal can keep you healthy and provide all the energy you need throughout the day. Ensure to monitor the portions carefully for a balanced diet.

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