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Enjoy Shakes Without Shaking Up Your Blood sugar

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Shakes can be a quick, easy and delicious item to refuel your body. It can also act as a meal replacement for those always on the go. But generally, shakes are made with milk. The lactose in the milk breaks down into simple sugars in the body. Additionally, the added sugar in the shakes further increases the glucose load on the blood.

Making shakes blood glucose friendly
• Consider adding cocoa-rich dark chocolate to milkshakes to reduce blood glucose variability. Studies have shown that cocoa-rich dark chocolate reduces blood glucose load.
• Try using natural, calorie-free sweeteners like stevia instead of table sugar. Stevia does not cause blood glucose spikes.
• Consider adding fresh fruits, nuts and seeds to shakes to increase their nutrient density and prevent blood sugar spikes.

Shakes can be made healthy by using ingredients that provide important nutrients while limiting added sugars. That’s how you can enjoy milkshakes without shaking up your blood sugar too much!

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