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Espresso coffee, ghee, and jaggery: The delicious solution to managing blood sugar

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Espresso coffee, ghee, and jaggery can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Ghee contains healthy fats that improve insulin sensitivity, jaggery is a natural sweetener that releases sugar slowly into the bloodstream, and coffee contains ingredients that enhance glucose metabolism. Together, these ingredients provide a tasty way to regulate blood sugar levels.

The role of espresso, ghee, and jaggery in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels
• Consider adding a small amount of ghee to your espresso, as it can lower the glycemic index of the drink.
• Try drinking your espresso in its purest form (black) to see a more stable glucose curve. Consider removing sugar/ jaggery from the drink.
• You may consume espresso coffee, ghee, and jaggery with a meal rather than on an empty stomach to slow down the absorption of glucose.
• Try to limit your intake of all three ingredients, if you have been diagnosed with diabetes or other glucose-related disorders.

Consuming espresso coffee, ghee, and jaggery can help maintain stable blood sugar levels when consumed within the limit and without added sugars. Adding a small amount of ghee to espresso and avoiding refined sugars can also help. However, it’s important to avoid processed foods and high-glycemic-index carbohydrates for a stable glucose response.

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